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The Institute of Geography

Many of todays most pressing issues concerning for example environmental pollution, globalisation, climate change, migration, sustainability and natural disasters, are geographical issues.
With its two research areas „Relationship Between People and Environment“ as well as „Migration and Globalisation“, Osnabrück‘s Institute of Geography (IfG) is an excellent place to engage with these issues - both as student and as researcher.

Approaching from different perspectives, around fifty scientists conduct research in these two areas. Physical Geographers analyse structures, processes and impact patterns of the physical environment under the influence of humans. Human Geographers analyse social, economic and cultural structures and dynamics from a spatial perspective. The Institute is also closely associated with the two research centres "Institute for Environmental Systems Research" (IUSF) and "Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies" (IMIS). You can find out more about our research here: Research.

We regard both, research and teaching as mutually reinforcing pillars of our work at the institute. All our study courses offer students the opportunity of a demanding academic education that is at the same time application-oriented, thus preparing them well for later jobs:

Overview of study options at the IfG