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Why study Geography?

You are interested in topics such as globalisation, climate change, migration, social change and sustainability. Then geography is the right subject for you. The subject of geography is at odds with the classical division of the sciences into natural science and social science and humanities disciplines. We take this into account and open up different specialisations and combination options in the degree programme.

We aim to prepare you for different professions - e.g. in business, public planning, schools or universities - in a way that is application-oriented and practical, but also research-oriented.

Urban Planning - Climate Management - Urban Marketing - Environmental Office - Economic Development

Studying geography - but then? Many A-level school leavers are not aware of the wide range of career opportunities for geographers on the job market. Geographers are in great demand on the job market! Municipalities are looking for geographers, e.g. for urban planning, climate management, city marketing, the environmental office or business development. In the business world, our graduates are employed in expansion departments, geomarketing, environmental protection, sustainability management, consulting or environmental impact assessments.

The Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree in Geography in Osnabrück offers a wide range of combination options. For example, you can combine geography and environmental system sciences in the Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree and thus qualify for many environmentally related professions. With the combination of geography and economics, you will be prepared for later work in the areas of economic development, consulting or expansion departments. A combination with geoinformatics perfectly prepares you for a career in the fields of GIS and planning. A combination with the subjects of political science, sociology or biology also offers a variety of specialised master's degree programmes or employment opportunities afterwards. More and more students enter the workforce directly after graduating with a Bachelor's degree. In Osnabrück, however, you also have the opportunity to further qualify and specialise in one of our Master's programmes. Especially with the Master's programme "Geography: Society - Environment - Future", we offer exciting subject orientations with a wide range of specialisation options.