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Studying at the Institute for Geography at the University of Osnabrück

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A practice-oriented course of study

A practice-oriented course of study Geography is not just a study at a desk. In addition to excursions and field days, there are also exciting study projects, laboratory work and internships. Lectures and courses by practitioners are offered regularly. Our application-oriented degree programme can open many doors to great jobs.

Future-oriented knowledge and skills

Many of the current challenges - globalisation, climate change, migration, sustainability - are core topics of geography. Understanding climate and the world? With us you can explore these topics scientifically at the interface between human geography and physical geography.

Individual profiling

Overcoming not only national borders, but also personal boundaries, gaining individual skills, critical thinking and developing your personality - these are also goals you can achieve here. We focus on the solid application of modern methods and offer a variety of applied-practical courses.

Personal study atmosphere

Our institute is characterised by a personal, collegial relationship between students and lecturers. Flat hierarchies ensure that student ideas are heard by the institute's board of directors. Our lecturers are close and, thanks to a good mentoring ratio, they know their students.
And by the way: the institute is located right in the middle of town, in the immediate vicinity of the castle, the university canteen and the city centre.

Interdisciplinary networking

Studying geography is characterised by thinking outside the box. Geography can be combined with a wide variety of subjects in the Dual Major Bachelor’s Degree: Geoarchaeology, Biology, Economics - to name but a few. There is also a close exchange with the Institute for Environmental Systems Research and the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies.

Internationally positioned

Good relationships with geographical institutes abroad (see map) offer many opportunities for semesters abroad through Erasmus (funding programme of the European Union). Students are also actively involved in international study and research projects (Ghana & Costa Rica).





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