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Student Council

The student council comprises students from all semesters of the Geography student body. At weekly meetings, current topics, concerns and other issues of students and the IfG are discussed. In addition, representatives of the student council are available from Mondays to Fridays between noon and 2 o'clock for an informal exchange among students. We are also available to advise you on questions about your study courses.

The main task of the student council is to represent the interests of the students and to permanently cooperate with the professors and lecturers of the subject. The focus of this mediating activity is exercised in several committees by elected members with voting rights. The student council holds seats on the Institute‘s Board, in the Study Commission and in the Department’s Council. Interdisciplinary communication with student councils both from other subjects within our department and across departments plays an important role for us.

Every year, the student council also coordinates various activities all around studying Geography. The preparation and implementation of the orientation week for first-semester students, their support and advice during the first weeks of their studies and the organisation of a joint first-semester weekend should be mentioned here as important tasks. Also on a yearly basis and as part of the University Information Day „HIT“, representatives of the student council offer grammar school pupils an informal exchange to give them an insight at studying geography.

We are particularly proud of our traditional and highly popular „Underground Earthquake Party", which follows the graduation ceremony at the end of each winter semester to which current and former students as well as lecturers are invited. And we are just as proud of our famous „Geokick“, a football match for all participants in the department.

Last but not least: The Geography Student Council appreciates suggestions, criticism, and support of any kind from students and lecturers.

We are always happy about new, committed members! First-year students are just as welcome!