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Geography / Earth Studies in the Dual Major Bachelor’s degree

The subject Geography/Earth Studies can be studied in the Dual Major Bachelor’s degree. Depending on the scope, a certain number of credit points are completed in this subject. The remaining credit points in the Bachelor's programme are made up of the second subject, the professionalisation area, the internships and the Bachelor's thesis. The Bachelor's thesis can be completed in the main or core subject of the Dual Major Bachelor’s degree.

The study program is polyvalent, meaning that it prepares students to embark on a career, as well as qualifying them to continue studying – either on a Master’s program in their chosen subjects or on a Master of Arts in Education program.
Within the scope of the Dual Major Bachelor’s degree, students can choose between three qualification profiles:

  • The study goal of an independent, professionally qualifying degree that can lead directly into a profession
  • A degree as preparation for the Master of Education, equivalent to the 1st State Examination in Teaching at Grammar Schools
  • A subject-related qualification that enables access to further qualifying Master's programmes (Master of Arts/ M.A. or Master of Science/ M.Sc.).

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