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Living in Osnabrück

You have decided to study in Osnabrück? That's great! Because a beautiful, lively student city is waiting for you, and it has a lot to offer!

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Your time at the University of Osnabrück begins with the orientation or "Ersti" week. Students from the higher semesters and especially the Geography Department welcome you and your future fellow students and show you everything you should know about the university and the city! Between timetable consultations, pub crawls, barbecues and flunkyball matches, the first week flies by. Now that you've met the students at the institute, you're ready to start your first semester!

Everyday university life in Osnabrück

Everyday university life in Osnabrück is characterised by short distances, a family atmosphere, numerous leisure activities and, of course, the beautiful scenery! Between lectures and seminars, you'll get to know what the award-winning cafeteria has to offer, enjoy a coffee in the sun in the castle garden, realise that Osnabrück has truly earned the title of "bicycle city", and be amazed at how many pubs are hidden in the medieval old town! Short distances between the university buildings of the city centre campus, the refectory and library leave enough time between events for a detour to the café in the city centre, and the second university location "Westerberg" can also be reached in less than 15 minutes by bike or bus. And with around 26,000 students currently studying at the university and the university of applied sciences, it's no surprise that you'll bump into familiar faces every few metres!

Leisure activities

Away from university life, the city of Osnabrück offers a wide range of leisure activities: numerous events take place in the city all year round. The May Week, the Night Flea Market, the Spring and Autumn Fairs, and several Christmas markets. Not to forget the Terrassenfest, the largest student festival in northern Germany! For three days, the Westerberg campus becomes the festival grounds, and the square in front of the refectory becomes a flunkyball court. The university offers a wide range of sports, language courses and workshops, as well as various social projects. And should you ever need a change of air: Osnabrück Central Station is a transport hub for northern Germany and offers direct connections to numerous cities, and Münster-Osnabrück Airport is a short drive from the city centre!

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