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Exkursion zu Aufnahmeeinrichtungen von Geflüchteten in Osnabrück und Bramsche

On Friday, the 09th of February 2024, master students from the programmes International Migration and Intercultural Relations (IMIB) and Geography (GEO-GUZ) participated in a one-day excursion to learn more about the reception and accommodation of refugees in Osnabrück and Bramsche.
Following an introduction by the organizers of the excursion, Sophie Hinger (IMIS/IfG) and Helen Schwenken (IMIS), two social workers from Caritas Osnabrück gave insights into their consulting practice in the reception centers in Osnabrück and Bramsche. The Caritas staff members, Iryna Palatay and Jennifer Seeliger, presented anonymized case studies from their consultation work, which the students then discussed.

After lunch, the group took a short train ride to Hesepe, Bramsche, where they were invited by the founders of the Bramsche-based local NGO Amal e.V. to put themselves in the shoes of refugees arriving in Hesepe on their way to the reception centre. Heike Samantha Harms and Paul Krause from Amal e.V. impressively demonstrated the challenges and experiences both of the asylum-seeking newcomers and of locals living with the large arrival centre and a constantly changing population there. This was supported by the recounts of a current resident of the LAB Bramsche, Sedana Kurtic, who kindly shared her experiences.

According to Sara Crocioni and Judith Menz, two international students of the IMIB programme “the excursion offered a multifaceted learning experience that provided invaluable insights and sparked critical reflections on challenges faced by refugees in Germany and the support systems in place to address their needs.”