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Prof. Dr. Martin Franz

Osnabrück University
Institute of Geography
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Direct Investments between Turkey and Germany

Locations, Impacts and Risks for Companies in and Investing from Lower-Saxony


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Turkey and Germany are characterized by a close economic relationship, which is increasingly established through foreign direct investment (FDI). However, given the current political crises in the relationship between Germany and Turkey and the various conflict situations threatening Turkey, the question arises as to how investors from the other country perceive the risk environment of FDI in Germany and in Turkey, respectively. The research project "Direct Investments between Turkey and Germany - Locations, Effects and Risks for Companies in and Investments from Lower Saxony", which is funded by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, investigates these questions from an economic geography perspective. The aim is not only to analyze the direct investment motives, flows and patterns between Turkey and Germany with their impact on the respective companies, but also to understand the significance of the risks and their influence on corporate strategies. On this basis, support needs are to be identified and recommendations for action derived for targeted German-Turkish investment promotion.